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Company Background

ODAA Integrated Transport S.C. is a locally registered company whose primary purpose is engaging in various business.


Operational Highlights

Growth in the network size of both lines of businesses has been very impressive. The transport sector was able to expand to


Financial Highlights

Total asset registered during this fiscal year is about ...



On behalf of the Board of directors of OIT, we are pleased to present the annual report of the company for the year




Growth in the network size of both lines of businesses has been very impressive. The transport sector was able to expand to almost 23 new destinations through aggressively opening ticket offices in various parts of the country. The energy line of business also made a concerted effort in expanding its retail and commercial network. As a result, its sales has been showing double digit growths in the area of fuel sales. At the end of the fiscal year, the energy line of business was able to grow its network from 2 CODO sites to 16 sites (2 CODO, 14 DODO).
Sales revenue in the transport line of business peaked up to 16mln when the platform and time of operation was conducive. Fuel sales in the energy line of business averaged around 3 mln lts of fuel on monthly basis.
The global pandemic has had its fair share of problems in the sales revenue of OIT. The transport service is one of the most hit sectors next to tourism & hotel industries. As part of the service sector, the specialized transport service had to initially suffer from loss of customers from fear of this global pandemic racing towards big cities.
People, for a while, literarily paused any kind of travel for fear of the pandemic and its impact on them, their families, their works, and their businesses. The government also put series of restrictions/regulations on how the sector should operate until the impact of the pandemic on people and the businesses at large is clearly/understandably determined.
Then the series of political instability followed to disrupt all the fabrics of the service sector. The majority of businesses which depend on networks throughout most of the Oromia Regional State have their mode of operation disrupted. The unpredictability of the confrontations has resulted in lost sales in both LOBs and even damage to our assets. The confrontation and the instability and ad-hoc protests in the region continues to this day. Our company tries to maintain balance and endeavors to avoid any problem infested areas of operation.


Network development in OIT is extremely critical. Both lines of businesses depend on a very wide and strategically built networks. So far, the transport line of business is aggressively opening ticket offices in major towns of western, eastern, and central Oromia. It also moved to Benishangul and Somali regional states to develop network and hence its sales market.
The energy line of business is also making the same effort. The approach taken in network expansion is very economical. We are trying to minimize any investment on new network sites developed to maintain good bottom line at the end. So far, the effort has been successful, and we were able to even have around 20 more sites in the pipeline and in waiting mode. This eagerness is despite the extremely frugal approach taken by ODAA Energy.


The products OIT offers to its customers remain to fall in to two major categories. Transport and fuel products service. In the transport sector, the service product is uniquely positioned to dominate the market given the superior tool of trade employed as unique value proposition.
In the energy line of business, the only product on sale is fuel. It has limited margin. We need to add more complementary services which will maximize its bottom line and dividend to its shareholders.