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ODAA Transport has a vision of connecting the horn of Africa with a transport service that is uniquely known for its safety, comfort and reliability .

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ODAA Energy is primarily focused in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products.The portfolio of petroleum products include fuel, lubricants,

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Company Background

ODAA Integrated Transport S.C. is a locally registered company whose primary purpose is benefiting a community of public shareholders from a private business it takes part in. ODAA Energy is the petroleum wing of the company which operates in the area of fuel, lubricants and related services. The company also has a huge transport wing which provides cross-country travel services with 50+ ultra-modern buses.

Cross-country travel services with 50+ ultra-modern buses.

ODUU |News

    A. Gamaaggama raawwii Hojii ji’a Gurraandhalaa

Hooggansi boordii Waldaa Aksiyoona Geejjiba Qindaa’aa ODAA Gurraandhala 3/07/2015 gamaaggama raawwii karoora yeroo yeroon gamaaggamuun kallattii fuul-duraa ka’aa kan deemuudha. Haaluma kanaan, Raawwii karoora hojii ji’a Gurraandhalaa fi hanga ji’a Gurraandhalaa hooggansa boordiin gaamaggamee jira. Gamaaggama raawwii karooraa kanaan Waldaan Aksiyoona Geejjiba qindaa’aa ODAA kisaaraa waggoota darban keessa ture keessaa bahuun bara kana galii isaa dabaluun bu’aa galmeessaa jiraachuun akka ciminaatti kana fudhatamee jira. Kanaafuu ji’oota hafan keessatti ciminoota mul’atan itti fuufsisuun, hanqinaalee hojii keessatti mul’ataniif furmaata kennuun akkasumas rakkoo qunnamanii fi qunnamuu danda’an irratti qaama dhimmi ilaalu waliin akka hojjatamu kallattiin ka’amee jira.

      B. Waldaa Aksiyoona Geejjiba Qindaa’aa ODAA Qarshii Mil.1.3 gumaachee
Waldaan Aksiyoona Geejjiba Qindaa'aa ODAA akkuma maqaa gaaddisa Oromoo ta'ee ummataan ummataaf kan hunda’ee fi maqaa ODAA Jedhu moggafatee hojjataa kan jiruu dha. ODAAN hojiiwwaan tola oltummaa yeroo adda addaa taasisaa turee jira. Yeroo amma kanaas lammii keenya Booranaa sababa Hongeen miidhameef deeggarsa qarshii Mil.1.3 gumaachee jira.

Online Ticket 09-93-94-96-93

Waldaa Aksiyoona Geejjiba Qindaa’aa ODAA

W/A Geejiba Qindaa’a ODAA

Waldaa Aksiyoona Geejiba Qindaa’a ODAA Waldaan Aksiyoona Geejjiba Qindaa’aa ODAA yaa’ii waliigalaa

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ኦዳ ኢንተግሬትድ ትራንስፖርት አ/ማ

ኦዳ ኢንተግሬትድ አክሲዮን ማህበር ባካሄደው 3ኛ መደበኛ ጠቅላላ ጉባኤው የአክሲዮን ከፍያ ያላጠናቀቁ ባለአክሲዮኖች በሁለት ወር ጊዜ ውስጥ ከፍለው እንዲያጠናቅቁ ወስኗል.

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ODAA Integrated Transport Share Company

It is remembered that ODAA integrated transport Share Company by its 3rd regular general assembly has decided shareholders who do not settle their...

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Didha Diriba

Board Chairman

On behalf of the Board of Directors of ODAA Integrated Transport (OIT) Share Company, it is a great privilege to me to present the 2019/20 annual report of our company on this third annual general assembly. This year will be considered as one of the unique periods in the history of the company for several reasons.

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...     It was the first year of operation period for OIT and the year was filled with political, economic and social instabilities, throughout the geographical locations of our operating corridors. Moreover, it was the year badly affected by the pandemic corona virus (Covid-19).
Despite these obvious predicaments, the company has been able to take on a few projects and achieved major milestones in moving the business forward. The gains recorded during the course of the year are attributable to our committed internal and external stakeholders who wish to see this great company be successful.

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Wondimu Kumera


We aim to provide petroleum products and transport services responsive to our customers’ expectations, through high quality and continuous improvement. We will devote us to recognize ODAA Integrated Transport Share Company as a leading name in petroleum products business and transport industry. Our services vision is to professionally extend the efficiency of company and individuals through....

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... ODAA Integrated Transport Share Company. Top management has established quality objective at appropriate functions and levels within the company. These objectives are defined in measurable terms and are the interpretation goals of policy deployment in each department. The objectives are consistent with the quality service policy and the commitment to continue improvement and meeting requirements for services. The company has formulated the NO COMPROMISE on quality service provision but in Pursuit of customer satisfaction. Thank you, to all who have put their trust in us. I believe in our bright future filled with opportunities and challenges .

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Commander Teshome Feyera

Deputy CEO

It is really an honor to be able to present the first annual report since we started actual operation on the ground. The past year was a unique year. The year had entertained lots of ups & downs which had flavors of political, social & economic nature. These problems even took health aspects in a form of global pandemic which some of us have never seen in our lifetime...

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...   It was an incredibly challenging time for businesses and work types/ arrangements which involve movement and contact of people of different origins, races, or geographical locations. Businesses in the service sector are much affected in some localities due to Political violence, civil strife, global pandemic, and other related problems completely which also put the global system to a complete halt, at least for some time.
Then, life had to continue. People gradually started finding ways to cope with these problems. Some of the unavoidable risks we face when at work are now very well accepted by our workers.

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